Sunday, February 21, 2010

Is Jesus God?

Actually, a lot of Christians do not believe that Jesus is God, they just believe that Jesus was a very special messenger and believe in his teaching. This obviously represents an easy way to reconcile Buddhism and Christianity – Jesus and the Buddha were both teachers tapping into the same thing and expressing it differently. This is one way to go but most of the really good spiritual writings from Christianity contain the belief that Jesus is God. Also, some of the worst, most intolerant parts of Christianity have this belief. But the message of Jesus is not just in his teachings. Understanding the mystical idea that Jesus is God is, in my opinion, essential for getting the whole thing. But it is also equally important not to understand it in the wrong way, the way that leads to intolerance and wrong-mindedness. Also, if we go with Jesus the teacher, then Christianity has very little to offer Buddhism. The teachings of Jesus are very limited compared to the Teachings of the Buddha. The most that can be said is that a case can be made that Jesus had a similar message. However, a big piece of Christianity lies in the story of Jesus, which includes his teachings, but also his actions, what happened to him, and his metaphysical relationship to God. This is the part that is valuable to Buddhists because it represents a completely different way of understanding the same thing (at least, that is the claim in this blog).

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