Monday, April 5, 2010

Abuse and the Pope

This Pope is not doing a good job. In his Easter address he said nothing about the sex abuse issues and two of his spokespeople made remarks trivializing the issue. As noted in my blog about the cup and the tea, the church is the cup, it is meant to hold the tea, which is the true sprit of Christianity. This Pope seems obsessed with the cup. By focusing on the cup he is acting based on the setting sun principles of fear and control. Even if he did nothing wrong he should still apologize both personally and on behalf of the church. When you are innocent it is difficult to apologize for something and accept the blame. Generally it should be avoided because it is hard on the soul, but sometimes it is necessary to do this for compassionate reasons. In doing this, the innocent party is martyring themselves as Jesus did on the cross. Even if the Pope were totally innocent, taking responsibility and apologizing would help many who have suffered and he should do it. I hope he will see the light and do the right thing. The way forward is for each of us to confront abuse of all types and to search our own behaviors for abuse of any sort, and if necessary, humbly apologize for it.

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