Sunday, January 23, 2011

Evolution and Christianity

Discussions of Evolutionary Christianity.

Evolution and religion are not incompatible. I was surprised to find that there are even fundamentalist christians who believe in Evolution

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sara Palin is the anti christ

Who is the anti christ. In Chinese folk religion you often see a little shrine in a home or business. If it is on the floor there is an old man sitting in a chair. He is the earth god. But he is not a person, he is a position. He is the god of the local earth area. Various virtuous people who passed away in different areas can become the earth god for that area. Similarly, the anti christ is not an individual, it is a position that can be held by different people. Hitler was an anti christ and so was Stalin and so is Kim Jong-il. Even in the bible, St John said there are many antichrists. In my opinion, the anti christ comes into being when a person in a position of power confuses the power of the position with their own power. In essence, they believe they have power because they deserve it, and that this vindicates any decisions or actions. This is ignorance, in the Buddhist sense of the word. The anti christ is born of the co dependent relationship between ignorance and power. In my opinion, this is how Jesus understood the role of the messiah, to defeat the alliance of power and ignorance, which he did by embodying the opposite qualities, even to his death. The idea that the anti christ is a single individual who will usher in the end of the world is complete nonsense. However, if Sara Palin is elected president I will probably change my mind about this.