Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jesus, Science and Logic

Wise believers can tolerate large amounts of ambiguity in their beliefs. Belief in Jesus doesn’t make sense scientifically. So you can reject science in order to believe, or you can reject Jesus. However, wise believers transcend this division. Wise believers believe in Jesus as a reality, not as a metaphor or a wise teacher, they believe that Jesus is God. Just as belief in Jesus makes no sense scientifically, it also makes no sense theologically. The idea that there is one God but that Jesus was also God makes no sense (the Muslims are right here). So again, you can choose logic or you can choose to Jesus, or you can engage in tortured and complex theology to force the two together. However, smart believers transcend the whole thing. Belief in Jesus is neither scientific nor logical, but wise believers believe in Jesus, Science and Logic

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