Friday, March 16, 2012

Did Jesus die on the cross?

Did Jesus die on the cross? This question is more important if you believe that Jesus's death was to atone for our sins. I do not believe that. The relationship between Jesus the man and the risen Christ that  people still experience is complex. I think both are important but I do not believe it is necessary or useful to have worked out a consistent story linking the two. In my opinion, as elsewhere expressed in this blog, the mystery elements of Christianity embody some of the most profound teachings of the religion. It is possible that Jesus survived the crucifixion, but if he did or did not it does not change the mystical teaching that Jesus existed as a man for a fixed amount of time and as God for an eternal amount of time (including the time before and during his life as a man). Anyway, this is a fairly responsible documentary about the possibility that he did not die on the cross.

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