Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Muslim Version

As noted elsewhere in this blog, worshipping Jesus as God cannot be treated as if it was rational. Muslims do not worship Jesus, but fundamentalist Muslims make the same mistake as fundamentalist Christians who worship the Bible, they worship the Koran as a source of knowable, rational truth. Like the Bible, the Koran is literature, it is a poem, which means that the essential truth it contains cannot be expressed through the rational use of words. It also needs to be understood in its historical and cultural context. For example, eating animals that do not live in the desert, such as pork and shellfish, without access to refrigeration, is a bad idea because they can spoil. But, as Jesus said, it is what comes out of your mouth that defiles you, not what goes in. The Koran and the Bible can be considered as God's poems, but not as God's manual (unless you are living several hundred years ago in the dessert).

Christianity is defined by a belief that makes no rational sense - that Jesus was God, but there is only ONE God. This belief is a finger pointing at the moon. The concept of God or Allah (same dude) is also a finger pointing. The verses of the Bible and of the Koran are also fingers pointing, as are the Sutras of Buddhism. They are all valuable pointers and they are all full of contradictions. In Buddhism the idea that religious concepts are fingers and not the moon is explicitly acknowledged (although you still get fundamentalist Buddhists). The impossibility of the Trinity is viewed (by monks and mystics) as a poetic acknowledgment of the need to go beyond words and rationally. In Islam, the Sufis believe that spiritual truth can be perceived through non rational, mystical means.  

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