Sunday, December 30, 2012

Touch the Earth

When the Buddha encountered the Devil and his temptations, the last temptation offered up by the Devil was the fact that there was no witness to the Buddha’s achievement of enlightenment, there was no definitive outer sign, he had achieved no power, no fame, there was no transformation, he was still just a man. To answer this the Buddha simply touched the earth. I believe this was also the lesson that God was teaching Job when he paraded all the animals by. This is the true meaning of humility, which, as Job implied, cannot be explained in words (note - most scholars agree that the fourth friend in Job was written in later, obviously by someone who didn’t get it).

I also relate this to statements by Jesus about he need to be seen to be religious, such as praying in the closet. Your practice should be between you and God only.  It sounds different on the surface - the Buddha needs no witness but we need God to witness, but actually it is the same. When we achieve we should not need God to witness because it is we who should witnessing Gods work in us. We are the witness. However, on the path to this it is a good intermediate step to first switch from needing man as a witness to needing only God.

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