Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fake it till you make it: Your body language shapes who you are

This is a video about how pretending to be confident significantly alters your body chemistry to support confidence. This relates to Christian and Buddhist practices in two ways. The first is posture. Taking certain postures really does alter your brain and body. Actually, a lot of Christians find the Buddhist posture for meditation feels wrong. In fact, it is wrong for most types of prayer, but it is right for certain types of contemplation. It will put you into a different relationship to God, and that is OK. The other thing is the Christian practice of imitating Jesus or a Saint. The main book for this is, of course, The Imitation of Christ. In this practice you fake it with the knowledge that you will never make it. The point is that pretending really will change your brain state. It is a powerful technique. I have not come across a specific description of this technique in Buddhism, maybe because Buddhists are expected to actually become Buddhas. However, in my opinion it works well for Buddhists too. Just pretend you are the Buddha. One thing though, its best to choose safe things to pretend. Do not start by dinning with prostitutes and talking with killers. I recommend walking


  1. You obviously haven't studied much Buddhism. Tibetan vajrayana development and completion practices are all about visualizing oneslf as the Buddha.

  2. I am aware that some Buddhists visualize themselves as Buddhas but that is not what I'm talking about (although thank you for the specific reference). I mean actually pretending to be a Buddha, in life. I have also been told by a Christian friend that the practice is to imitate Christ, not to pretend to be him. So perhaps it is Christianity that I do not know much about. Anyway, I still recommend pretending as a method. Perhaps you should try pretending to be a Buddha when commenting on blogs, it might provide a different perspective