Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sin is not fun

There is the sense, in North American culture at least, that sin is fun or enjoyable, and that trying to not sin is dry, boring, and uptight. Sin means to miss the mark. The result of sin is what Buddhists refer to as ignorance. It manifests most fundamentally as fear and confusion. Other negative states, such as anger or jealousy, arise from these (Buddhists refer to all of these states as afflictive emotions). Each deadly sin in christianity is associated with a fear. For example, pride is the fear that you are nobody, gluttony is the fear that there is not enough. When we are engaged in a sin we are sad, afraid individuals, desperately trying to deal with a fear by frantically and hopelessly trying to create the opposite situation. Acting without sin is acting without confusion and without fear. Acting without sin makes any activity wonderfully enjoyable and fulfilling. Acting with sin turns each activity into a sad and desperate attempt to maintain a pathetic false sense of yourself and your reality

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