Thursday, March 27, 2014

A chakra based meditation on the Trinity (similar to the Jesus Prayer)

The Jesus prayer is often understood as a form of mantra meditation but at more advanced levels it also becomes a form of chakra meditation. This can also be applied to meditating on the Trinity. There are more than three chakras but the main three for our concerns correspond to mind (third eye location), compassion/love (heart location) and body/sexuality/power (about 2 inches below your naval). Meditating on each area enhances corresponding experiences. In mystical Christian terms these three chakras correspond to the Trinity: the body chakra corresponds to our connection to God, the creator, the heart chakra chakra corresponds to our connection to Jesus, and the mind chakra corresponds to our connection to the Holy Ghost. Understood correctly, these all correspond in meaning. To meditate on all three, start by inhaling and exhaling through the body chakra, until you feel a connection, then do the heart chakra and then the mind chakra. Once they are all activated, on inhalation activate first the body, then the heart, then the mind. Exhale through all three together at the same time. Try not to think, just experience

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