Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Unknown Boddhisatvas and Saints

Some monks torture themselves. Buddhists are not as big on this because the Buddha tortured himself and later eschewed it. The same goes for saint Francis. But actually, self inflicted torture is very mild compared to tortures that can be inflicted by life. People are mercilessly tortured everyday, both physically and mentally. Others are tortured by being powerless to stop the torture of those they love. These types of torture are much worse because it is not by choice. Not much is written about the unsung saints who endure this sort of torture without reacting, without acting out in violence towards others. These people act as karmic sinks, suffering goes in but it does not get amplified, instead it is destroyed or reduced. When we think about saints or bodhisattvas they are often people who achieved big things. This is good, but the unknown saints and bodhisattvas are greater still. When the moment of choice occurs, anyone can be a saint or a bodhisattva. The critical issue is, will your reaction make things better or worse? You can't always know but the key is to act on what you believe will lower suffering. Then, in that moment you are a Saint or Boddhisatva.

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